Coronavirus & Oil Vs. The Markets

How are markets reacting?

The impact - so far - of Coronavirus combined with the Saudi decision on oil production has meant equities throughout the world have dropped in value. The FTSE 100 for example is down over 20% in less than a month, and most equity markets around the world are suffering similarly.

Experience tells us that even if things get worse, in time, they will get better. Looking at previous market crashes shows that time heals - typically 2-3 years after a market crash will see values returned to former highs.

But that’s equity markets.

What are FX markets doing?

We have the ability to trade any major currency. There’s always a market. Furthermore, our method of making lots of small trades for short periods of time (often as little as $1k over a few hours) reduces investment risk.

So while equities are plunging, we’re making steady profits a little at a time whilst also providing investors with asset backed high capital security.

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