Investors worldwide hold their breath

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The current global pandemic ripple effect is beginning to show, and investors worldwide will be holding their breath while they watch the crisis unfold.

What does this mean in real terms? 


  • Expected GDP growth USA -52,8% in Q2 2020

  • Expected unemployment USA 19,5% in May 2020 (will be revealed on 05.06.2020)

  • On the edge of negative interest rates, putting a huge pressure on the banking industry

  • Massively overvalued stock market bubble. With Companies expecting Covid-19 adjusted returns, we are now in a more overvalued market than in January 2020.

  • FED increased their balance by 67% just this year ($4.173.626 Million to 7.097.316 Million (26.05.2020))

  • Record high student debts of $1,6T.

Equities, Real Estate, Gold and Commodities not showing any sign of growth and with interest rates globally being so low the outlook is bleak and the next question is, how to prepare for the future? The only alternative to help a portfolio will be in the form of a high yield, highly secure, asset backed fixed income bond which is not correlated to any of the asset classes previously mentioned. For more information contact: Website:


USA GDP: Unemployment:

Interest rates:


Student debt:

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