Stock market Crash - the detail that’ll calm investors.

Every crash is unique and different. Every crash is unforeseen (although sometimes broadly predicted), and shocking. Every crash is exacerbated by fear and bad reactions. But all crashes have certain features in common:

There’s a market drop, a period the markets are in the doldrums, and a recovery. Sometimes the crash actually takes over a year to reach its trough. Sometimes the doldrums lasts for a couple of years.

The last crash (2008) took just over 4 years to return the FTSE all-share to pre crash levels.

Traditionally an investment advisers role during each of these three phases is to advise their clients to hold, hold and buy, whilst clients instinctively want to sell, sell and hold during the same periods.

But that advice traditionally ignored the slew of non equity correlated investments now available, which could produce a positive return for clients instead of just marking time, waiting for the upswing. (In fairness, many such products are relatively new, so “traditional” advisers may not have noticed them.)

To successfully help and advise clients in a proactive (and profitable)way, advisers should be looking beyond the traditional. They’ll end up with clients who appreciate their efforts, and cement relationships for the long term.

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