Updated: Jul 31, 2020

News outlets globally have been reporting that governments are seeking to extend the lock down periods with movable extensions to fit the need to protect us.

This uncertainty of how long we are likely to be under some form of restriction is undefined and makes its difficult to plan for the future. Previously we discussed what that could look like for the way we do business, and how working remotely at a distance and utilizing technology such as video conferencing would be the way to counteract that.

For current clients that is a workable solution especially in consultative sectors, but the question that remains is, how to find new clients when the traditional method of a face to face meeting may eventually become of thing of the past, as it’s certainly a factor amidst a global pandemic.

Consultative work is won largely through referrals and introductions, so the trust and reputation you have built with your current client base is now your most valuable asset and it’s time to use it to its fullest.

Prior to the lock-downs, arranging to meet for lunch with a view to seeking referrals would be the norm however this is currently not an option. Instead pick up the phone and arrange a time to run through your clients current situation and, re-establish the value you bring which is when you can request introductions and referrals to who they think may be in need of your services. Your success is their success and that reciprocal relationship strengthens the bond between consultant and client

With many investment options now being available online and with AML and KYC’s being deliverable through Apps, technology is facilitating the answer to the need we didn’t know we would require until now.

The future of success in business boils down to being able to embrace the evolution in the way we do business to stay ahead of the curve, and ultimately champion new traditional characteristics that incorporate technology and the ability to do business no matter where you happen to be in the world.

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