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Align your clients profile with

the right product.


By clicking for more information, you acknowledge that you are a Financial Professional or a Company/Institution and that you recognise that Accruvis is a Business to Business company and acts solely as a distribution business. We do not give any private client advice or any financial advice of any kind.

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3 Year Fixed Income Bond 14% pa. (GBP/EUR/USD)

  • Annual access to capital (no fees or penalties)

  • Quarterly coupons (net of UK withholding tax)

  • Highly secure (asset backed)

  • Minimum direct investment 50k GBP/EUR/USD

ACC Website Bond.jpg

5 Year Fixed Income Bond 14% pa. (USD)

  • Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

  • Minimum investment per custodian of 125k GBP/EUR/USD

  • Available via multiple platforms.

  • Minimum 30k GBP/EURO/USD via - Selected Platforms


Urban Village Logo High Res.jpg

Urban Village Property Bond 8% and 10% pa Options (GBP/USD)

  • Client capital secured on existing property

  • Annual access to capital (no fees or penalties)

  • More than £280m paid back in funding to date

  • Minimum 25k (GBP/USD) direct

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