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We do what we say we do. Take our word for it, along with that of some of our existing clients.

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'I have had clients invested in the fixed income bond since January 2019 and my experience has been nothing but exceptional. 


Every Coupon has been paid on time as per the payment schedule. Additionally, I have had 2 clients who requested their capital back after the completion of the first year. These funds were paid on the expected dates to the clients accounts with no issues.


I am continuing to use this product as part of my client's portfolios going forward'.

A.M. Africa


'I wanted to inform you of the great service and investment returns of the 14% per annum Fixed Income Bond offered by Accruvis. I have 5 clients invested with a total of around and they have all received their interest payments on time.

The longest client has been in for 2 years now and doesn't have a bad word to say about this investment. 3 of my clients have even taken out more than one bond as the income provided is a great supplement to their existing investments.


I just wanted to relay these thoughts from myself and on behalf of my clients about the great work Accruvis are doing'.

C.M. Czech Republic


'I’m happy to confirm that I have multiple clients invested into the 14% pa bond, including investors in both February and March 2019. All coupons have been paid promptly and in full.


Whilst none of my own clients have redeemed their investments, I am aware that a colleague has a client who has redeemed, and I know they had their capital investment returned exactly as expected.'

B.D. Philippines


'I cannot speak highly enough about the team at Accruvis.  Innovative products, always thinking outside the box and great support when needed. My clients are extremely happy with the investment solutions provided'.

D.B. Zambia



'Since introducing clients' investments into the 14% bond offering, I have had good added value, support and the product has paid the investors in a timely manner every quarter like clockwork. Furthermore the client application process is streamlined and proactive, a win/win situation for all parties in the equation.

P.C. Asia


'I have used these products for nearly 3 years now and have always had good results and great service form the team.


I have never waited more than an hour for feedback on any query I have had. I continue to use them with confidence'.


J.F. South Africa.

If you would like to speak to an existing client (or two) to get a personal reference on our service, just ask us.