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Founded to connect finance professionals to

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The Accruvis Team

Accruvis is here to help make it as easy as possible to use our products with your clients. As a marketing agent we do not provide financial advice however we are able to provide extensive training and information for the investments that we provide access to.

Operationally, whilst based in Europe, we support working partners throughout the world (with the exception of USA).

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Giles Refoy
Co-Founder and Principal

Giles is the owner and co-founder of Accruvis. As the driving force behind its success, you’ll probably speak directly with Giles if you have questions or queries about our products, or want training or any form of marketing support.


Giles is quick to respond, and deeply knowledgeable about the offshore advice and investment market. His goal is to enable you to successfully use our products, and he’ll help every step of the way, drawing on a broad resource of experience as required.

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Gina Gigg Head of Admin at Accruvis_edit
Gina Gigg
Head of Administration and Client Services

Gina is our Head of Administration and Client Services. You’ll speak directly with Gina when you have questions or queries relating to our products, application process, AML requirements or if you want to arrange training or request any form of marketing support.

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