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Accruvis, Kenya and the game of Rugby

Accruvis were proud to be the main sponsor for The Rugby Patrons Dinner, Kenya, recently.

The Patrons Dinner is a vital fundraiser which helps fund rugby coaching for less privileged children, who benefit from the ethos & discipline rugby provides.

A more detailed account of the work funded by the Patrons, from one of the members, can be found below:

The Initiative

Our ‘Grassroots Rugby’ initiative currently supports four clubs – namely – Embulbul, Enomatasian and Ngong in Kajiado County and Runda from Githogoro in Nairobi County.

These clubs are managed by volunteer coaches who conduct coaching sessions every weekend at selected community grounds.

The key beneficiaries of the initiative are 228 children (207 boys and 21 girls) from under privileged communities where these clubs are based. It is instructive to note that we have 8 volunteer coaches and a training coordinator who sacrifice their time and resources to impart rugby and life skills to the players.

The players are recruited to the program through outreach programs targeting the primary and secondary schools within their respective communities, and in other instances, through a community mobilization program that is run in collaboration with the local administration.

The core values of rugby are integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect - and by exposing players to the game at an early age, we are also exposing them to values that will play a big role in their lifelong development on and off the rugby pitch.

Grassroots Rugby Initiative

Grassroots rugby offers a range of benefits for those who take part.

Whilst improving fitness levels it provides many transferable skills and experiences that are valuable in the journey of life.

As well as developing the skills needed to succeed in the sport, participants learn about the importance of teamwork and supporting each other to achieve something greater than individual successes.

It also highlights the importance of adhering to rules and fairness, whilst exposing them to diversity within their community.

We believe that as Rugby is primarily an Elite's Sport, that those Children who successfully participate in our program, will be better positioned in Life and that the inclusion of this program as part of their CV's and their Ultimate success by eventually representing their Country on the International Calendar (which has been the case) will assist them to a better Quality of life in the future and open up opportunities in the employment market.

Patron's Dinner.

This was a great success and was held at the Exclusive Muthaiga Country Club with 102 Attendees. Kevin Maggs a former Irish International was the Guest Speaker. Kevin also conducted 3 Coaching Sessions with the Children from the Grass Roots program. He gave an interesting talk on his Rugby Life and the Clubs he played for. We also had in attendance the International 7's Coach that is now coaching the Kenya Team plus Humphrey Kayange who is featured in the IRB Rugby Hall of Fame.

This is an annual event where we have had many High Level Rugby Personalities as Guest Speakers over the years. Patrons pay an annual subscription that is used alongside Sponsors contributions to support the Grass Roots Initiative and we would like to thank Accruvis for being our key sponsor this year.


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