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How do expats spend their retirement?

It's important to plan for your retirement but it's not just financial planning that's important. It's just as important to plan out your activities as well. Research shows that retirees who maintain an active life with planned activities tend to be happier than those who don't. It also suggests that people who spend their time doing what they actually want to do during retirement tend to also be happier than those who don't. Activities that generally help increase the happiness of retirees across age groups include socializing, walking or exercising in some way, working part-time, taking non-executive board positions, volunteering, travelling to name but a few. Retirement doesn’t mean that life just stops, it just means that you have more time to do the things you couldn’t when you were working. Socializing As we have seen most recently social isolation has negative impacts on our lives, and has been associated with general poor health, among other illnesses directly linked to a lack of activity or social interaction. Some social activity ideas for retirees include gardening and book clubs, storytelling nights, art classes, concerts, and spa days. Part-Time Work Achieving true financial independence and not needing to work doesn’t mean that you don’t have to not work ever again. Happiness and life satisfaction increases simply by being around others and being valued. Non-executive board members for example hold a wealth of experience they can bring to the table without having to commit to the day to day running of a business. Volunteering By helping others, you not only fill the day but more importantly, create a sense of meaning and purpose that people of all ages crave. That often translates into increased emotional and physical well-being. Exercising

Walking or taking part in other types of physical exercise can help increase happiness in as well as maintain physical and mental wellness. You can also combine exercising with socializing and start a walking club or taking a regular class with friends. Whatever you choose, there is a world of opportunity out there, how will you spend yours?


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