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3 Year Fixed Income Bond 14% pa. (GBP/EUR/USD)

Launched in 2018 originally for a single private client, this bond is ideal for clients who want high security with a great return, without locking their money up long term.

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Key Benefits

1. Assets secured against liquid capital.

This means that client funds are being secured against liquid assets, mainly cash and quoted stocks that are fully owned by the company.


2. Quarterly Income Payments


A large percentage of bonds offer semi annual coupons meaning that investors have to wait up to 6 months to see any returns. Quarterly payments provide a more immediate return on investment and can be used as designed.

For income.


3. Full access every 12 months (at zero cost)


Providing full access every 12 months allows an investor to benefit from being able to access their capital should their circumstances change. Experience tells us that most investors won't actually use the facility but having it there provides peace of mind and an additional layer of security. Additionally there are zero costs to investors who choose to redeem before the end of the 3 year term.

4. Available via selected platforms

The bond is a 'Direct to issuer' investment, however it is available via a selection of 'open architecture' investment platforms.

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